Lighting & Accessories


Our special range of accessories comprises of beautiful natural materials and exquisite craftsmanship. Every space looks empty without the apt and perfect accessories. Utmost importance should be given towards finishing the conceptualized interiors with elegant and graceful pieces of art and lights, which makes us wanna further explore the tag of luxury interior designers in delhi. Shells, Horn, mother of pearl, Glass, Brass & Metal are few of the materials we utilize to brainstorm on and come up with stunning statement pieces of add ons like lights and show pieces. All in house designed, produced and delivered to clients leaving them with a big smile and a happy heart. These made to order pieces are customized in size, shape, design and color to match up with the area they need to be installed or placed at. Being among the top 10 interior designers in delhi, we are also among the leading interior decorators in Delhi NCR.