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Adding a tinch of drama in your interior space

Year by year we visualize and go thru interior spaces and brands with their exemplary and distinguished interior designs. Every space looks glamorous and allures us, with it’s aptly installed furniture items, that too at the legitimate and precise spot. The color theme is to the point with a bit of accent color added here and there to create a breakthrough in the otherwise monotonous color scheme running thru the room. A balance is always maintained while designing any room successfully, this balance exists in the Color theme, the design aesthetic and also the furniture product design.We always observe a theme running across the interior of a space, this furniture theme is usually obstructed with a single or double piece of a dramatic element added to this otherwise sober scene. This
drama is added either by a highlighted collateral which could be a show piece, an art canvas, sculptures, Lighting elements, upholstery or fabrics etc, or it could be a furniture item with its design so unique than the rest of the furniture. While entering a room as such, with these pieces, this is where the eye goes first,this is what attracts the person as soon as he enters the room. These are usually the statement pieces which as per Tmura are mandatory to exist in every space to complete its existence.
Here are a few such powerful piec

es, by the worlds best designers, which captivated us and left us awe struck and mystified. If you have been trying to discove new methods to bring these vibrant designs into your interiors, take a look at these designs that will have you wanting more dramatic ideas in every inch of your home

Table Lamp by Luxxu

Newton Console Table by Boca Do Lobo

Bangle Dining Table By Hudson

Diamond Black Console By Boca Do Lobo

Diamond Bathtub by Maison Valentina

Bed by Casa Paradox

Stonehenge Dining Table with Supernova Chandelier by Boca Do Lobo

Fantasy Air Balloon Bed by Circu

Statement Chair by Roberto Cavalli